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There are plenty of computer games on a fishing trip.They are very diverse.However, as diverse and real fishing.This can be a very challenging game.Where there are many levels and locations.There are large multi-player games that are played thousands.One of the most famous - Russian fishing.But at the same time, there are a large number of small toys.Are relatively simple, but no less interesting.Anyone can play fishing games on many game sites and servers.The choice is huge.It could be a game where the main goal to extract a strong fish on a thin rod.The game runs at a time.There are games where you have to help the fish Carlson.This can be a specialized fishing on a well-defined type of fish.For example, the bass, or trout, tuna, catfish, pike and other games.There are a lot of arcade games on a fishing trip.Game dedicated to sea fishing.Fishing trip in Siberia, Africa, and in all other parts of the globe.Fishing is possible on rivers and lakes, fishing from boat and shore.Fishing is allowed at the bait, spinning, to other types of fishing gear.You can participate in underwater fishing.There is a race of fishermen, there are quests devoted to fishing, there is a simulator tournament fishermen.Variety of game genres in these games is very large.It is unlikely that there is any genre, in which no games on a fishing trip.For online games, fishing comes in handy.Games run directly in the browser, do not require installation on your computer.Play fishing at any convenient time.On Web sites designed for online play, fishing almost always present.As the game is suitable for boys fishing in the event that it has a fairly simple operation.As a rule, does not require payment, and the game can be played for free online fishing.In many cases, does not even require registration.On these sites, where the fishing game, online play, you can immediately after entering the game portal.Perhaps the most famous game of Russian Fishing is fishing.She first appeared in 2003 and has since been actively developed.It is a large multiplayer game, which involves a lot of players.It represented a very large number of reservoirs and locations.A large number of fishing tackle, bait, fishing rods.However, there are other popular games of fishing.They always have a lot of admirers and fans.They can catch a variety of fish, fish in various bodies of water.Use a completely different bait and tackle.Choice is such that can satisfy the most fastidious taste.