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Game about the fish are very popular among children and growns.There is a very large number of games where you can see these creatures.These games are very diverse.There are a large number of games on a fishing trip.In these games, the player has to do to become a fisherman and catch prey.For his services - water sets, locations, tackle and bait.These games can fully reflect all the attributes of life of a fisherman, and can be dedicated to a single episode.For example, pulling fish on speed.Or abandonment rod for accuracy.Typically, these games just to operate and do not require large computer resources.There is a more complex version fishings.For example, the Russian fishing - it's pretty serious multiplayer online game, in which the player has to go through the whole way.From fishing in the pond near the house, to travel to Siberia and the Far East to catch rare fish.Of course, fishing is not the only versions of the game fish.There are a lot of games where exactly the fish are the main characters.The player controls a small fish and going through with it a range of adventures.Games of this type are also very diverse.There is willing to play the fish numerous arcades, quests, puzzle and strategy.They may be designed for an entirely different age and skill.Some of the most famous games of this type, it's a game about Rybka Freddie and Luther.Who constantly solve various problems and are investigating various crimes and mysterious puzzles.This series is very popular.Produced many sequels with adventures of these heroes.But besides these there are many other versions of the game fish.In particular, in many cases, to play the fish you want to control a small fish that must dodge the big fishes and swallow small.With each swallowed a fish, the main character grows, and can eat anything larger prey.Old enemies are no longer afraid of him.But the more it grows, the more difficult obstacles he has to overcome.There are a lot of games related to breeding the fish in the aquarium.This is the economic strategy.They have to arrange well aquarium trade in the shops, to plant all kinds of living beings.These games often have many levels, locations, tasks.They may be supplemented by a large number of bonuses and quests.But is not limited to the list of games related to fish.Ways to play a lot of fish.All of them simply impossible to enumerate.It is much better to turn to relevant Internet sites and select the game to your liking.