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Modern games with the Jets is very diverse.There are many simple letalok, but there are also more complex games, completely different genres.You can choose at any age and any level of complexity.Even in times of slot machines there was a simple game Flying in airplanes.The earliest were two dimensional.Management was carried out a few keys.We had to fly on a particular route, destroy all the enemies and find ourselves not cut yourself.Later games have become more advanced.There are three-dimensional games.In some there was the view from the cockpit.Created the illusion of finding on-site pilot.Flying can be on a variety of aircraft.Can be found playing with the bombers and bomb the radar in Libya.Could become a fighter and engage in aerial combat.It was possible to fly on an airplane reconnaissance.War was not necessary.There has always been a significant number of civilians letalok.Where it was necessary to carry out the peace and make peace mission flights.Of course, there were other areas of airplane games.There has always been a strategy related to aviation.Was coined by many aviation quests.There were also role play about the pilots.There are puzzles, puzzles and coloring pages related to the aircraft.After the spread of broadband internet games received a new impetus to the development.Many games have become an elementary download to your computer and start playing right away, without waiting for in the stores.But the most important change was associated with the prevalence of multi-player games.Established and online games airplanes.Some of them were only a very complex projects with many levels and locations.They could play for a long time.All enhancing and improving their skills.But very often for online aircraft flew in a very simple game built on Flash.As a rule, they did not require the installation of new additions to the computer.They can be played directly on the network.Many of these toys were pretty simple.Are manageable and do not require long-term development.But, despite this, they could be very interesting.That's why many sites have the opportunity to play in the aircraft online.These games are always in demand.In most cases, this is Flying, where you have to overcome a route not to die in battles with enemies.But there are games and other genres.Some of them are only interested in aviation fans, and some have spread among the masses of Internet users.Popularity airplane games not abated, despite their advanced age already.