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The secretary is an integral part of any office.It should do everything, all decide to help everybody.And it should look just fine.Game of the secretaries as diverse as their responsibilities.There are a significant number of games-odevalok.Secretary in these games to get dressed and go to work.As the working environment, then the suit should be appropriate.No evening gowns, and topics.Only strict classical costumes.In many of these, games, clothes for the wrong penalty points, and make the game is over.Very often, the game goes for a while.After all, the secretary to get dressed quickly to catch a job.In these games, clothes can be scattered and hidden.So dress quickly task is not trivial.Control in these games is the mouse.With selected and dragged her clothes, shoes, and accessories.Simple operation, and the game is very colorful.As games for girls secretary fits perfectly.But this is not the only version of the game dedicated to the secretary.There are others.In some games, to try to do all the work of the secretary.Need to keep up to make coffee at the same time to answer phone calls, typing, faxing work and have time to run to the boss.The task is not simple.Very often you can finish before the fact that the secretary just fall, entangled in the coming up of fax paper tape.Or there is even worse.There are games where a very strong component of the quest.Secretary to regularly find various items and use them for other purposes, or disposed of in the trash.And all this without forgetting their main job.There are games where the contrary, you should regularly make fun of inexperienced secretary.Constantly create her of that was funny as possible.There are a whole series of games.There are close to real simulators secretary.They need to have to perform the duties similar to those performed real secretary.These games can have many levels, locations and scenes.But on sites where there are games for girls, the secretary presented, usually in a lighter version.This is a flash game that can run without having to install.They, as a rule, you can play for free and without registration.These toys can be found on many popular game portals and sites.However, if you wish, most of these games can be downloaded to your computer and play them anywhere.Even in places where there is no access to the Internet.But the multiplayer games in this mode, of course, are not supported.