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Simpsons - the heroes of the longest (and most famous) animated series in the history of America.Score season already underway for the third ten, and the number of runs exceeded five hundred.But the creators do not stop.The first series of cartoon series were shown in the 80's, but, in spite of its long history, its popularity is growing.The game's story - the story of the American family Simpson, who lives in the fictional town of Springfield.In a family of five people.Father - Homer J. Simpson, mother - Marjorie "Marge" Simpson, the eldest son - Bartholomew Jo-Jo "Bart" Simpson, the eldest daughter - Lisa Marie Simpson, the youngest daughter - Margaret "Maggie" Simpson.In addition to them in the game are a variety of familiar and ordinary residents of the city of Springfield.Each episode is dedicated to any one finished episode and can be considered as a separate product.Cartoon has become very popular all over the world.He has received numerous awards and has caused a large number of imitators.Naturally, such a popular cartoon was the basis for many computer games.List of the most popular games even take up some space.Games of different genres and levels of complexity.Perhaps in some of these games to play Simpsons would have gladly, and in some other way around.After all, in a world in which they live Simpsons games also exist.These games can be quite different.In one of the first games Bart asleep while studying and woke up in a place where fairies walk the streets.He needs to find homework to get back to the real world.There is a game in which the Simpsons have to fight the aliens.They enter into battle with the enemy, and ride in cars, and solve a lot of problems.This is a full arcade, with the possibility of multiplayer games.There are other games.In particular parody of other well-known gaming products.The popularity of these games is very high.They usually get a good estimate of the buyers.In addition to these games, users have the option of broadband internet in the Simpsons play online.Online Games The Simpsons can be found on many popular websites.They are very diverse and belong to completely different genres.But they share a common hero, known thanks to the famous cartoon series.Simpsons games online for free and without registration are a lot of sites.Often play out the whole series.After the success of one product goes second.And soon you can and in the Simpsons 3 play online.Continuation of these games will be released until the fall in the popular series.And it is not going to fall.