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Simulations of life - computer games in which the player controls the life of one or more entities.Some experts believe these games subgenre strategies or economic simulation.These games can be focused on social or biological aspect of life.In some cases, the player can experiment with genetics to create interesting creatures and its genetic system.There is even a simulator evolution.Other games based on social relationships among living systems.There are simulators pets.There are a large number of urban simulation.Among them, SimCity, where simulated the development of life and the economy.As well as many other types of simulators.Among biological simulators famous simulator evolution.In these games, the player controls the populations of various animals, and strives to maintain the highest species diversity and the greatest biomass.There is a single version of these games, and there's multiplayer options.Some games can be controlled and the planet by changing the shape of the continents and oceans.Sometimes it can be a simulation of a closed ecosystem.It can include a variety of different animals.There is a life simulator game includes the development of a single cell until the mind and capture the Galaxy.The choice of the player is given a lot of planets and solar systems.Popular life simulator animals.Famous life simulator wolf that lives in the wild.The player needs to hunt animals and survive in very harsh conditions.There are many life simulation programmer.It must develop from the kettle to the hacker.And to be a real geek.There are games - social network simulators, simulation of life on a small island limited.One of the most popular life simulation game The Sims, which combines features of strategy and simulation.The player controls a family of several people.He creates the characters, giving them names and skills.Characters live ordinary town, get a job and earn money.Which can then spend on clothes food and entertainment.This game was very popular.Subsequently, there were and continue.Simulation of life are well represented on the Internet.New games in this genre are usually online multiplayer mode.It can be played with reliable broadband Internet connection.At the same time, there is a significant number of relatively simple games of this genre.They can be played without registration and installation on your home computer.