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Teddy bear Snowball popular hero of children's games.However, playing these games, and growns.Simply, it is the children are the main fans of this character.Snowball Games include a series of different computer entertainment.Different genres of varying complexity, and in various episodes.They are united by the main character - Snow Bear.In the game "Snowball.Diner Dash "Bear must make the cafe a great restaurant.The protagonist opens a simple cafe and tries to win the competition for the best restaurant.This is not easy.Each client should be served by the very high level.And fast.Everything must go happy.In the game "Snowball.Adventures of a Bear "Snowball has to find his home and his mother.For this he needs to go through four of the world for twenty arcade levels each.On the way to meet him many enemies, from which he must fight back with snowballs.After several snowballs hit enemy becomes a snowball.And only a little bear will kick it away somewhere.The game follows the adventures of the islands continues the cycle.The hero must get to the iceberg that will take him to the native Arctic.During the game, Snowball has to overcome many obstacles.But that did not stop.Game continues the series about the adventures of the hero bear in space.Its mission - to save the little aliens from raging robot cleaners.Fight them have trash cans, but the main thing that you need to win - skill and savvy.There are several games on a treasure hunt.In them he has to go to distant lands, take the forgotten city and defeat the local monsters.Or go by the old knight's castle, fighting off ghosts.And you can walk the ancient secret labyrinth, just did, laden with jewels.In these games, a lot of logical problems.But the bear does not only search for treasure or saving the world.The popular game "Snowball.Fish Watch "is dedicated to the protection of fish catch from cats.They are trying to take away from the cubs caught fish, and the Snowball should they not give.Not forgotten, and home to polar bears.In games bear cub Sněžka must operate in the Arctic.Usually a game of bear Snowball is a very interesting colorful arcade.Basically, they are designed for children, but may be of interest to growns.Games are widespread on the Internet.Many sites have at once the whole series of games on the Bear snowballs.Usually can be played directly online.Is free of charge and without registration.The popularity of computer games is very high.