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Simulations of various sports games have always had popularity in the computer world.There are many versions of computer courses, computer-tennis, badminton computer and other popular games.Very popular sorts pool simulator.These include games and on one of the most popular options billiards - snooker.Snooker - kind luznoy game most popular in the UK.But in recent decades it has spread around the world.Snooker has been known since the seventies of the nineteenth century.Invented in India by British Colonel Neville Chamberlain.The official rules were adopted at the beginning of the twentieth century.Since the late twenties regular world championships.Subsequently, the game began to actively show no TV.It has spread throughout the world.Became known in Russia.Snooker rules differ markedly from other billiard games.Early in the game on the field set in a pyramid fifteen red balls.The special mark put six colored balls.There is also a white ball, which is used for attacks on located on the colored balls.It is called the cue ball.Balls in scoring and alternately colored red.If selected, there are still red balls, then scored a colored ball spotted back on the field.The winner is the player with the maximum of all the points.For each ball is charged different amounts of points.The minimum for a red ball, just one point.And for maximum black ball - seven points.Snooker table size is greater than in other variants of billiards.All these features of the rules differs greatly from other varieties of snooker game of billiards.The game has several varieties, differing from each other.But, at the same time, the basic rules are the same.It is quite natural that snooker is widely represented among computer billiard games.It is present on many game sites.In snooker online you can play on the most popular gaming portals.Game dedicated to snooker quite diverse.Some of them are full of life simulator player who needs to participate in a variety of competitions, improve their skills and move towards success.Others devoted to the life of gaming clubs and businesses.The player they must organize and conduct competitions in snooker and training team.There are games dedicated to them until just a game.The player plays as they party on this pool.Usually in snooker, play online prefer the games.They are little demanding of computer resources.Often they can play for free and without registration.