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Sonic hedgehog hero of numerous computer games company Sega.He first appeared in 1990.Then the company tried to release several new characters: dog, rabbit, armadillo, and others.But most players just loved Sonic.He became a character in a huge number of games.Sonic games are popular and varied.They go out for more than twenty years.Sonic can play in different ways.In one of them, Sonic runs through the levels, destroy enemies with a single touch, high jumps, but does not fly.He needs to collect the Chaos Emeralds and collect rings.In this case, it can become Super Sonic.In one of the first games he needed to defeat Chaos is destroying his beloved city.In another, he fought against Metal Sonic.In another of his opponent was Biolizard - prototype higher life forms.In other games he had other enemies.Gemerl robot tried to rob the hero of the Chaos Emeralds.Sonic had to stop Solaris, the Sun God.He struggled with a host of other enemies and supervillains.He has a lot of friends.Sonic is a true friend Miles "Tails" Prower, always and everywhere to accompany and support.Knuckles the Echidna is also one Sonic.It helps the main character and his girlfriend Amy Rose.But it has quite a few enemies.In addition to games, Sonic has become a hero is very much popular comics and cartoons.Which, in turn, became the basis for the new games.Have earned no small popularity.That is why online games can be found on Sonic many game websites.You can always play games Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and other variants of the adventures of the famous hero.Sonic games online for free can be found in the relevant sections, often specially dedicated to this hero.This is the whole line - sonic game.On sites offering free online games, Sonic is always there.As a rule it can be played at once, without registration.But if you want, and you can download the games to your PC, so you can play them without having access to the Internet.Or in cases when the Internet is unreliable or has too little bandwidth.In this case, the most convenient is that option.If there is a connection to the Internet, play online racing game files without a computer, it is very convenient.No need to install any software, no need to engage in additional configuration of the system.Suffice it to have a modern web browser.Despite the fact that this hero first became known for a long time, new games are released regularly.And they are always appreciative of their adherents.