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Sonic hedgehog hero of numerous computer games.These games come here since the early nineties of the twentieth century and still have not lost popularity.Rather, they are gradually becoming more and more fans.For these games have already created a lot of comics and cartoons.Which themselves give rise to new games.One example can serve as Sonic X Games.Initially, Sonic X - series based on the classic vedioigr hedgehog Sonic.He has been featured in many countries and was very popular.He won millions of viewers around the world.The series shows how twelve year old boy ran into the speaker blue hedgehog named Sonic.After that, it was a lot of all kinds of adventures.Sonic was an alien from another dimension.Together they are recovering but the search of the Chaos Emeralds.They collect all the emeralds, conquer enemies and Sonic goes into his superform.But this is not the end.They have to fight with the spirit of destruction and chaos.They then engaged in a project Shadow.But this is not the latest adventures of the protagonists.Naturally, the animated series, which had a great success, has spurred a new round of development and the development of computer games of Sonic hedgehog.They are, often, to call the game Sonic's.These games have appeared on many sites and in many game systems.Most gaming portals are invited to Sonic X to play online or download the games to your computer.To play some of the classic games you need to install an emulator of old game consoles.This special program is designed for fans of the old slot machines.But there is a new game about a blue hedgehog Sonic.Specifically designed sports simulator dedicated to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.There are many arcade games.These games are very important reaction, speed, quickness and intelligence.The main character has to fight with the enemy, overcome suddenly emerging trap to collect the Chaos Emeralds and the accumulation of experience, the transition from level to level.Games come in different levels of difficulty and are designed for different fans of the blue hedgehog.Can be found at any age, and any experience in video games.The developers have taken care.In Internet in a very large number of games on Sonic hedgehog.Old earliest games released over twenty years ago.To new emerging recently.These games always find admirers.They are always popular.Many sites provide an opportunity to play them for free and without registration.