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The first games were created Stalker Ukrainian company GSC Game World.They quickly gained great popularity all over the world.In these games, was available for the elements of shooter and role-playing.The main feature of the game was a world based on real shot in the exclusion zone after the accident, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.The game takes place in an alternate reality.In the story, at the Chernobyl nuclear power station there was a second explosion.The explosion formed a zone, a place in which there were specific abnormal manifestations.The government is trying to understand what happened at the power and sends in troops.But this venture fails, and the entrance to the area is closed to all.After this and start the storyline.In the truck with the bodies of men struck by lightning.Suddenly, among them is a survivor.He does not remember his name, or who he was, nor where he is.He has to understand all that happens in this world.First, it performs the tasks of saviors, then the job of others.Each time it gets more and more information and more and more closer to my goal.Adventures in the game very large number.End may be very different, depending on how the character acted and how it should go.It all depends on the player.The game was, and multiplayer.In the presence of the Internet was able to play online for free Stalker.Many players enjoyed it.Subsequently there have been many extensions of the original game.Among them, "Stalker.Clear sky. "In which the action revolve around the group, which are called Clear Skies.The third game was "Stalker.Call of Pripyat. "This game continues the events described in the first games.But they get some other shape.The game starts in Zone killed five helicopters.And to probe the situation.Two of them were killed by electrical discharges.Further events are heroes in Skadovsk camp which is free stalkers in Volkhov SAM, where the set of zombie, and Pripyat.Group of characters on a journey.At the end of the main character solves all the issues and can fly out of boring areas by helicopter.But if he wants to, he can and stay in the game and continue it in free mode.It all depends on his desire.But some of it depends on the events that occurred during the game and the hero's behavior during them.Stalker game caused a great resonance and created many mods.Existed in the multiplayer game does not satisfy everyone.And there wanting to create a full game online.This project has attracted a lot of people who wanted to play online for free stalker.The number of his admirers is growing.