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Fullmetal Alchemist - a series of comics and cartoons and games.The action takes place within them in a world where alchemy is an exact science in our world.The main characters are looking for the philosopher's stone.The main characters, two brothers, trying to revive the dead his mother.They want to convert, through alchemy, one object to another.They find a record of his father, devoted to attempts to revive the deceased person.But their experiments fail.They both lose significant parts of the body.Soon, one of them decides to become a State Alchemist.Upon learning of the philosopher's stone, they set off on his quest.They will experience a completely different set of adventures.Set in the world similar to Earth early twentieth century.Technology level roughly corresponds to the period.But in this world there alchemy.The basic law of alchemy - for getting things you need to give something of equal value.Best alchemists become state alchemists.In this world, you can use avtoprotez, which communicates directly with the nerves.In it there are homunculi, who created the father of my body and represent one of the vices.It has a range of transformation, which defines the essence of the process of transformation.It is determined by the circulation of energy and other things.An example of this circle is to print the blood that binds the soul to an inanimate object.The soul left the item you want to erase or seal broken.This world devoted comics and serials.Were subsequently wrote a book about the world Fullmetal Alchemist.There are a few radio shows.And, of course, at the first opportunity programmers started developing the game Fullmetal Alchemist.Total has created several games.Fullmetal Alchemist games exist for the computer and video game consoles.In recent years, these games have become common on the Internet.Many of them are relatively simple flash games.They are the main characters have to go through many trials to fight more enemies and find a lot of valuable items.Many popular gaming sites on the Internet, provide the ability to play these games for free, and, very often, without registration.To play online do not need to install anything on the computer, do not need to download anything.You just have a good connection to the Internet and can be played immediately after the call to the appropriate site.Popularity of the game has not abated, despite the fact that since the appearance of the characters passed a long time.There are new and new versions of the games.They are always in demand by players.