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Many computer games, especially for children, is quite good and funny.Cartoon monsters are often such that they destroy and pity.However, according to the story, in a game usually, and no need of any murder.Suffice it to run away from them, or to deceive.But there are a lot of games, where the authors on the contrary, try to do as much as possible a terrible atmosphere.Strike fear, fear.Create a somber background.And to keep the player in the best possible low stress.The worst game fairly common theme for all game tops and votes.Many swords broken on this topic.Everyone thinks terrible something.Not at all pleased.In addition, each year and each month there are more and more new toys, one worse than the other.In most of these games have to fight with ghosts or zombies.But there are also aliens.And just stray monsters.Were quite high.To make it worse, the authors often give little arms, or the ability to use it.In the game Fatal Frame player must resist against the zombies and evil spirits with just a camera.However, this is not always the case.The game Siren: Blood Curse, despite the fact that the main characters only TV crew is given a lot of weapons.However, and meat on the screen a lot.Weapon, but can be quite different.In some games, good zombie kill lawn mowers.There are other ways to a successful murder.Up to the toy swords.On sites with flash games have entire collections of small scary games.They may be associated with nightmares.With the attack of zombies.With the invasion of aliens.Or even with some similar events.Scary games are most often shooters, shooters or role playing games.But there can be other genres.There is a terrible strategy.There are terrible race.Quite a few, really terrible quests.There is a terrible puzzle.Scary puzzles, terrible coloring.And, even scary dress.Eager to please the players, the developers are trying to make a terrible game with completely different characters.Sometimes it works, sometimes not.Predict the outcome is difficult.The worst game on the gaming internet sites and portals usually in a separate section.For true connoisseurs.What, in general, reasonable.Not like them all.Love them, too, not all.But those who appreciate them, usually do not replace these games to any other.Typically, these games, as well as many others, are available on gaming portals for the game without registration, and completely free.These games are always their customers.Lovers of horror stories will always exist.