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Shooting first appeared in the time slots.The player had to fight with the computer opponent, which sends at him crowds of enemies or monsters.With the development of home computers have become the most popular shooter games.They used a first-person view.The player holding a weapon and otherwise destroying monsters closing in on him.Many popular and exciting players in the game takes place many times.There was even a passing games on speed.Sometimes, they could set an incredible record.Game which was supposed to play for hours and days, it was possible to go in 5 minutes.A further development of the popular game was a multiplayer version of the game - multiplayer.These games could be played at the same time more than one player.Two, or even more, depending on how much support the game.Shooting games for two zaimeli great popularity.However, often played in other gaming options, when a lot of players involved.As a rule, the players appear in the game in a special place - the spawn.They enter the fray.For killing Points - frags.On the field, you can find a lot of useful weapons and ammunition.In many games, you can find kits that restore hit points.As a game for two shooters are good that none of the others will not get in the way.There are only two players to find out who is the strongest.The impact of chance in this scenario is minimal.In many ways, so the game for two shooters are so popular.Besides them, there are many games in which two teams of players.The winning team will completely destroy the enemy or performed due to the job.An example of this is the famous game Counter Strike.There are games where many players fighting for the principle of "every man for himself."These games are pretty tough fights.Usually lost a player, reborn in a new place and can immediately engage.The one who will score maximum points.With the spread of broadband internet popularity of multiplayer online games increased very much.Now they become possible to play right from the comfort of home.It was enough just to connect to the network and to find an appropriate site.Many sites have to provide for two games, shooters among them were always present.They were among the most popular games in the gaming sites and portals.Many players only play in these types of games, not interested in any other.Currently, virtually all shooting games have a game mode for two players.It is already laid at the stage of creating the game.