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Over the last few years, a very large number of computer games.There is no area of ​​human activity, which would not be reflected in the games.Game devoted to the past and present, reality and fantasy.The action takes place in a time of peace and war.In an atmosphere of horror and beautiful tale.There are many shooters, quests, role-playing games.Created a lot of simulators.There is a large number of strategies.Strategy genre is very diverse.Accounts in the game to build houses, create soldiers and workers.Some of them aim of the game - to build the city, in other main goal - to fight the enemy.However, this is not the only kind of games where you have to build houses.There is a whole line of building games puzzles.At the time of the game to build houses have wisely.Faulty design immediately destroyed.To play this game you have some knowledge of physics and mathematics.And, most importantly, common sense.This game is a very interesting and entertaining puzzles.As a rule, they do not take up much space, require more resources.Often they are based on flash technology, which can run on any system.This technology is widely used for games on the Internet.Typically, these games can be played directly online.In that case, they should not be downloaded to your computer.These games are available to play for free.In many cases, do not even require registration.In addition to games on a single home, there are many simulators on the construction of entire regions and cities.In the course of the game have to build a city in a completely different environment.This is essentially urban simulation, or economic strategies.For these games on many popular online gaming sites have a dedicated section.Every fan and admirer of these games can easily find exactly the game that he is best suited.On large sites selection of these games is very high.As already stated, most of them are designed to play directly on the Internet.But the games can be downloaded to his home computer and save.In this case, there is the possibility to play it at any time.Even in the absence of access to the Internet or, in the case of poor connections to the World Wide Web.Despite the fact that these games are abundant, always there are new versions of them.They always enjoyed success with users.Games of this type produced by many leading companies.But small groups of programmers to forget.Perhaps that is why these games are more and more.