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Sudoku - a very popular puzzle game with numbers.Sometimes it is called a magic square.They actively publish magazines and newspapers, and they are well represented on the Internet.Play Sudoku online - a popular leisure activity.Sudoku field is square, each side of which is made up of nine squares.It is divided into nine smaller squares.Each of nine cells.Some cells are numbers.The player has to fill all the cells with numbers from one to nine.Thus, in each column, each row, each small square each digit met only once.In the eighteenth century, Leonhard Euler invented a game he called "Latin square".Based on it, and were invented in the U.S. numerical puzzles.Later, they started to actively publish Japanese magazines.Then the puzzle and called Sudoku.Sudoku is the correct one right decision.On paper, they decide to use a pencil, which is easy to erase.On a computer using a special program.There are modifications of Sudoku.In some of the cells can only be even, or vice versa, only odd numbers.Sudoku are oversized.Sudoku are not with numbers but with the sums of numbers in groups.Sudoku with blocks are not square, and in any form.For children there are small puzzle.There are many other options.There is a desktop version of the game Sudoku.And, of course, there are computer versions of the puzzle.They have many sets of games for Linux.They are created, and mobile phones.A lot of puzzles can be found on gaming sites located on the Internet.They have the opportunity to play sudoku online.These sites are quite popular among the fans of puzzles.There you can find different versions of the game.These websites provide the opportunity to play Sudoku for free.In this case, all the games on many websites can be played without registration.They can not download to your computer.But if you want, you can always find a game that is designed to work on a personal computer.In this case, there is no need to access the Internet.You can play without a connection.Although there are always willing to play Sudoku online.Sudoku puzzles are very popular.According to him, even competitions by the International Federation pazlsporta.Spend on them, and command international competitions.In recent years, Russia and the championships are held on sudoku.This further increased the popularity of the Internet.Began to appear more and more sites where the puzzles are always present among the games.These sites are always popular