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Twilight - a series of novels by American author Stephenie Meyer.The main character of the book, a girl whose name is Bella Swan in love with a vampire.Books have become bestsellers and have been translated into many languages.Published five books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun, short life of Bree Tanner.In this world, there are actually vampires and werewolves.Vampires in this world can read minds, see the future, cause pain, and manage human emotions.The werewolves in this world can turn into wolves and other animals.This is usually one of the Indian tribes.They can do it when a vampire.They are grouped in flocks.In the first book heroine Bella Swan arrives in Washington, DC, to his father.There she meets a young Edward Cullen.Soon it turns out he's a vampire.The girl wants to become a vampire herself.In later books she continues to communicate with the vampires.Cullen, fearing that would cause harm to the girl, trying to break up with her.But in the end they decide to stay together.In the future, they have to overcome new obstacles.A struggle of vampires and werewolves.Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are getting married soon.Their child is born.But this is not the latest adventures of Edward and Bella.The series includes several books.Which describes their lives.Book series was filmed.The film was called "Twilight.Saga. "Like the book, it had a few parts.They also have their names: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn.The film received great acclaim.They watched a lot of visitors.On a series of novels created comics.Of course, this story has attracted the creators of computer games.On sites where there are games for girls twilight began to have considerable success.It's not one game, games twilight a series of games.There are games dedicated to kiss Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.Dress up games, where you have to wear the hero and heroine.There are games related to Twilight makeup of the protagonist.There are games in the series devoted to the hairstyle.A lot of games refers to the episode where the main character is already married and began to live life together.But there is a game dedicated to the period of their first meeting.As in all cases where the games are created by the popular TV series and the book, the main players in them, this is the book's readers and viewers the show.They are attracted by the opportunity to meet again with their favorite characters, and even feel in their place.In movies and books, it is more difficult than in computer games.Therefore, games for girls twilight most popular among those who have already read the book series.Or watching movies devoted to these heroes.