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Who has not become heroes games.Superman, supervillains, and even super cow.Games with such unexpected heroine got quite popular.Play Super Cow possible on many game websites and portals.These games are present on all the popular gaming service.They are not demanding on your computer.Play the game super cow without registering, you just go to the appropriate site.In most cases, a super cow play online.However, you can download it and to your computer.In the story, the main villain in the world, home to super cow - Professor duriarti, supergene Evil.He has already been sentenced to life imprisonment for his monstrous crimes.But, suddenly, he manages to escape from prison.To do this, he used hypnosis, and when all the security was affected by his charm, managed to saw through the chain, which was chained.After his escape, he was with Sun Valley, where fruit and vegetables are grown and all live peacefully.He takes all the inhabitants of this valley hostage.Using their knowledge of genetics, he creates an army of obedient monsters - svinokozlov.To do this he has to cross a pig and a goat.But the villain does not stop there.He continued his monstrous experiments in a secret laboratory.Save the world from an evil genius can only super cow.And it is pending in Sun Valley, to join the fight against evil.Struggle is harsh.Need to go through an extensive maze, where many enemies.To combat them super cow helps natural jumping ability.In the game super cow hits the enemy from above and kicks them out 'hooves.This game is like all the fans of arcade games and begalok platformer.The game is super cow can play online for free at many popular portals.It is popular among growns and children.Super cow game play allows everybody.And experienced players and beginners.The game is quite beautiful.It has an interesting schedule.During the passage to have to overcome a lot of levels, the game stages, episodes, and locations.On Web sites, it takes pride of place among the popular arcade and begalok.This is despite the fact that this genre of games are always very much.On some sites, there are more games than all other genres combined.But even among this huge number of games and multiple Game of heroes super cow is quite a decent place.Many players started playing in this exciting game can no longer break off and pass it to the end.Until his victory over a terrible villain.