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Super Mario - this is one of the most famous games in the world.It entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the best selling game in the history of computer games.Its popularity is huge, even a street named after Superbratev Mario.The main characters of the game - two brothers, a plumber.Mario and Luigi.In the first game, they had to go through the Mushroom Kingdom, fighting with soldiers Turtle King Bowser.Their goal - to rescue a captive princess.When you attack the enemy they jumped on top of him and hit the platform with the enemy below.Frightened turtles could be used against other enemies.Hero had feared carnivorous plants.Collect coins, power-ups and other useful things.Over a hundred coins were given extra life.The first game of the series appeared in 1985.Soon came many sequels this computer game.In the nineties, came out and the film "Superbratya Mario."There have been many comics and cartoons.If the first game was the classic arcade, subsequent steel belong to completely different game genres.There wanting to play Super Mario, numerous role-playing.In one of them, Mario was invited to the court of Princess Peach for a holiday.But when he got there the castle was captured by the villain who threw Mario out of the window.The main character comes to life in the forest.He needs to find new friends, free spirits from captivity and rescue the princess.This is not easy.In this way he will meet many adventures.There is a series of sports games about Mario.In particular, a few games on the races.A series of games on golf.Game in which Mario plays tennis.Created football game with Mario.Football can be a rather extreme conditions.And now in the water and under the impact of meteorites.But there are also quiet game.A lot of games devoted to participation in various Mario Olympics.He may participate in the summer and even in the Winter Olympics.Moreover, in different cities.There is a series of puzzles with Mario.However, all games involving Superbratya Mario can not even be mentioned.The sheer number.With the development of broadband Internet the opportunity to play in the Super Mario games online.On most gaming sites can be a Super Mario game for free.Play online Super Mario is possible if good access to the Internet.If there is any better in Super Mario online play for free and without registration on game portals.In case of problems with the Internet, the game can be downloaded to your computer.But in Super Mario can play online for free and on a weak channel.