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Supermarket Mania game is dedicated to commercial business.In fact, this large store simulator.The main character, whose name is Nikki works in it and succeed.There are five small shops that need to be turned into a fancy department stores, worthy of the most prestigious streets.In the game you have to earn.Should try to make every customer who visited the store bought anything.When the money, they can be let on the development of the shop.To store more profitable to buy new business equipment.As a result, the store come more and more customers.But do not forget about the competition.They regularly send for a purpose-store thieves who try to steal as much as possible.They need to be caught, otherwise you can go broke.The game has an entire levels, in which the main objective is the fight against petty thieves shop.For some people, they are the most difficult to pass.This is a very bright, colorful and dynamic arcade.There are many levels.And among the many customers will celebrities.Appear superstar sports and movies.But even after the victory can not be complacent.The game has an extension.In which to develop the shops again.Main heroine Nikiya made a new proposal.Need to develop a network of new large stores.These stores are located in different parts of the city and are very different from each other.For each achievement given new titles.Room service is ten clients can be considered a "nice store."And if you do not afford any theft, the store gets the award-achievement "Do not touch."During the game, you should regularly monitor the cleanliness in their stores.Need to collect the garbage and wash the floors.It is important that no clients left the store without shopping.It is very important to follow the mood of customers.Satisfied buyers will shop at their friends.That will soon become new customers.These games can be easily found on the Internet.Gaming sites provide an opportunity to the supermarket mania play online.And you can do it for free and without registration.The game runs in a browser window, and is readily available.Besides being able to play Supermarket Mania online, some sites allow you to download the game to your computer.In that case, it will be possible to play even without an Internet connection.Though simple and unpretentious, the game has a very large number of fans.It enjoys a very significant popularity in the gaming sites and portals.She has always been very good reviews and assessments.