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The Incredibles - computer animated film shot in 2004 and tells of a family of superheroes.It became the basis of the set of computer games that can be found on the Internet.In sites where there may be games online, The Incredibles almost always present.The main character - Mr. Exclusive.This superhero living his superhero life, but suddenly, he begins the problem.He saves from death a suicide, a bank robbery on the train from the crash.But salvation, with gratitude, to sue him in court.Exceptional decided it was time to make and retired.He began working as a clerk in an insurance company and started a family.Everyone knows him as Bob Parker.His wife - a former superhero elastica.They have three children and they all have superpowers.Bob Parr, from time to time, into her old ways and save some slob from death.At work, he is not going well and it fired.But soon, he was invited to take the test as a superhero fighting robot.It destroys the robot, and returned to his work superhero.Few months he managed to hide it from his wife, but soon all is revealed.It turns out that all of these new jobs were just a trap.His enemy who hates all superheroes want the death Mr. exclusively.That it has not passed, the whole family of superheroes have to join the fight against evil.Himself the protagonist has tremendous power.His wife elastica can stretch, flatten and deform the body.Their three children also have superpowers.The eldest daughter, Violet can become invisible and create protective force field.Middle son, Shastik has such incredible speed that can even run on water.The younger son, some time show no superpowers, but with time, and they manifest it.Besides them there are in the movie and the other characters.Among them superkostyumov designer for superheroes.A family friend Freon, which can freeze moisture in the air.The main villain, Syndrome, when it was a fan of Mr. exclusively.But he did not accept his help and he held his anger.Syndrome generally decided to destroy all superheroes.Animated film has received numerous awards and was a great success with the audience.Of course, that there were computer games and dedicated Incredibles.They can play on the respective game sites and portals.While playing online, The Incredibles can act together, or they may act only individual characters of the popular animated film.