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Nowadays there are a lot of computer games.Accordingly, there is a lot of genres and types of this kind of entertainment.And regularly appears more and more species.Old genres are divided into subgenres.From known areas of new computer games are separated.Strategy genre is divided into many different directions.Shooters and first person shooters are also already quite different kinds of games.Divided genre quests and adventures.He was separated from many different directions games.Some of them are dedicated to a single episode of any of the usual quest stories.These include computer games related to the secret room.In general, the Chamber of Secrets frequently in such play.Regardless of their genre.In particular, secret rooms found in many Shooter.It does not have to undergo.And too disciplined player can about them and do not remember.However, more experienced, and less disciplined sure this user would find a secret room.He knows that it is usually stored very useful bonuses.That will help it diversify and relieve his game.There are various secret rooms and arcades.They appeared in the early eighties.In them you can find a lot of useful and interesting.Despite more than twenty five years history of these rooms, all modern arcades present.One of the video games on the famous book and computer hero, Harry Potter, and is called - "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."Naturally, in this adventure game associated with the secret room at the appropriate position.This room is a secret, and there comes no man.But the lack of discipline of the hero prevails.In fact, the development of the subject has no alternative.The player must find the secret room.And then stay in one piece.But the Chamber of Secrets does not belong exclusively large and developed games.There is a whole, a relatively simple computer games related to the secret room.As a rule, a player's task to solve problems facing the problems and leave them locked secret room.These games have a lot of followers.They are small, but very diverse.That is why many people prefer to play a secret room to play online.After passing a game, you can switch to another.Creators of gaming sites know well.Therefore, in order to attract players to the game allow the Chamber of Secrets play online for free and without registration.