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Cars frequently in computer games.And this is not surprising.All sorts of machines constantly around us in real life.Accordingly, a game developer trying to move the realities of life on our computer screens.The very first race there were already long enough.But, despite the more than thirty-five years the history of these games and now they are popular.However, cars are not the exclusive property of racing games.Very often they are present in all kinds of simulations.Means of transport are an important accessory for many popular strategy games.You can see them in shooters and first person shooters.These cars can be quite different.In computer games are often present racing car.A lot of games about cars.There are a lot of games where the player controls a truck or bus.And a lot of fantastic cars.All shapes and forms.Among all this variety of its prominent place occupied by the game dedicated taxi.They are completely different.Some of them must be pretty clear act like a real taxi driver in the real world.In the course of the game, a taxi ride should only responsibly.Do not exceed the speed, you can not break the rules, you can not endanger the life of a passenger.And, of course, you should always have time to bring the customer on time and in the right place.However, the game can be quite different.Some taxi driver initially crazy.And he goes accordingly.At the time of this game can knock down the pillars taxi, ride on sidewalks, to overtake other cars, and perform many other offenses.There are other games associated with the taxi.Some of them need to take a driving test.Moreover, it can be quite a good simulation of driving.Manage that not everyone can.A lot of games on taxis have an economic component.Customers are charged for the transportation of solid money.The better, more accurate and safer to carry, the more you can get hold of a good car.In some cases, you can build a business.To set up their companies involved in Taxi.Dial machines, hire drivers and earn money.It is very important to control the drivers, undisciplined fire and disciplined promotes.You need to look at the state of machines and customer requests.All these games, as well as many others, can be easily found on the Internet.Usually, they are available without registration and payment.