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Tamagotchi is one of the most famous games.She first appeared in 1996.But, despite the more than fifteen years of age and still popular.Tamagotchi - a virtual creature living in a computer or a special device.They live their lives, and the player must regularly look after him and take care of.He had to feed, clean up after them, wash, play with it.If you miss the time necessary being can get sick, hungry or die.Therefore, it was necessary to constantly keep this device with you.To always help patronize the merits.This could be a very different creature: chicken, dog, cat, pig, bear, dragon, and even a dinosaur.Most games present a choice of electronic character.Tamagotchi was coined in Japan and spread first within this country.But, over time, the toy is internationalized and has become popular all over the world.There are no countries where not know about Tamagotchi.Initially, these toys were distributed in the form of electronic modules that could carry.Total has sold more than forty million Tamagotchi.But they did not stay very special accessory boxes.Tamagotchi appeared on home computers.With the advent and spread of broadband access to the Internet the opportunity to play in the online version of the Tamagotchi.She has a lot of advantages compared to conventional PC version.In Tamagotchi online you can play from any computer and mobile device.And not just the one on which you installed the game directly.Of course, in this case the player should be disciplined enough to regularly look after their pet.Or he may die or run away from his master.Fortunately, modern variants of this game has the ability to start playing again.In this pet reborn or hatch from eggs.Once again, he will develop a small animal to the large creatures.As mentioned were quite high.You can take care of a very large number of characters.Tamagotchi on the Internet present on many game sites.In Tamagotchi online play begins, more and more people.These games do not require a PC.Many sites allow the game without registration.The game is usually free.Despite the fact that the toy has a lot of years, new versions released regularly.The idea of ​​the game will appeal to many and was a serious development.Many games are much more interesting and popular than their original versions.This is not surprising.They are made with the fifteen-year experience.