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Computer games are very popular in the tanks.The first of them were long enough.In fact, the very first game with the tanks were connected simulators that are used to train soldiers.People it was disciplined, and drive your vehicle is strictly by the book.After some time, tank games are available and simple users of personal computers.And with the advent of broadband access to the Internet, have become popular numerous online tank games.As an online game, tanks are best represented in a multiplayer game Tanki Online.It has been around since 2009, and during that time only increases its popularity.It has a very large number of players.Any player can play in the tanks for free.However, if it will allocate the money, he can open up new opportunities.Which are very difficult to use the cash-strapped version.But as the games for free tanks are very popular.Players compete against other players.First, he is given a rather simple and light tank.Numerous tanks games will be available to him only after the passage of a significant number of battles.However, to play online for free, you can use the tanks and the most simple.The main thing is not a tank, and the tank driver skill.And it grows from fight to fight.Players can form clans.Most disciplined clans win in most multiplayer battles.And very often these undisciplined fighting losing.However, we can not say that you can play only in the clan.You can be a loner.To play, the player creates a map or visit the map created by another user.You can set a time limit, enemies.In the game there is a chat, you can chat with contestant.Part of the battle is on the principle of "every man for himself."Other fights are team.You can arrange a game to capture the flag.The one who gets more flags.The game has a system of ranks.The higher the rank, the more interesting bonuses can get a player.Starting a rookie can be promoted to Marshal.Needed goods and supplies can be purchased in the garage.There it is possible to improve the body and arms.Gradations improve somewhat.Win the battle easily.Benefit only the most skilled, the most cunning, the most disciplined and the most successful.The winner can get a lot of crystals, for which it can improve the tank, and get a new title.That open the way to new opportunities.Despite the long history of the project is thriving.Improvements occur regularly.New weapons and tanks appear very often.And it attracts more players