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Cartoon cars have long captured the hearts of children and growns.The plot of his nezateyliv.The main character - a racing car named Lightning McQueen, who was accustomed to live only by participating in the races.He is being driven on a trailer to California, but in the course of transportation, he falls out of the car.McQueen was trying to catch up on this trailer, but eventually lost and was arrested in the small town of Radiator Springs.There, he met with many local residents.Among them, tractor meter, Judge Doc Sally Beauty, a police sheriff kommivoyadzher Luigi, and many others.They all become friends and for McQueen opens a whole new world.All his life he was involved in racing.Forever going to fame and success.But in this small town, he discovers the joy of ordinary road.Subsequently, it was a sequel of the animated film - "Cars 2".In this film, Lightning McQueen has lived in Radiator Springs, where, and returns after the race.In the city, he learns of a new competition that involves all of the best riders in the world.Lightning McQueen takes part in this event and won a convincing victory.Although it was not easy.Against him came a whole mob of defective vehicles.Of course, these characters are not left solely to the silver screen.For explanation of these cartoons were created by computer games.Which, of course, were very popular.In one of those games, which is called "Cars 2: Videogra" must go through all the phases of training in a special school department whistle.This is a racing game in which you can play alone and four.When the game starts to play cars can be not only for the main character, but also for other cartoon characters.During the game you can play cars almost everyone who was in the film.The choice of the player.For lovers of cars to play is a great opportunity to meet again at their favorite animated film characters.But the above game is not only created by the cartoon.There are other games of various genres.There are games, racing games, puzzle games, puzzle games, arcade games.On the set of gaming sites you can play games online cars.Typically, you can play in cars online for free.On most sites do not even require registration.Fans of teen cars have appreciated.These games run directly in the web browser.No need to download anything to your computer or to build the system.Games created in the hope that they can play any of the operating systems, users and all computers.It is only necessary to have a good connection to the Internet