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Lightning Makvin - the main character of the American animated film "Cars," and the subsequent continuation of "Cars 2."In these films, the adventures of a racing car in the world of conventional machines.Lightning Makvin - winner of numerous races.But the time came when he could not win.After that he has to go to the main race in California.Makvin accidentally falls out of the trailer.Further way he have to travel alone.But it turns out that he can go well only on the race track.But in real life he is a very undisciplined.In the end, he gets arrested.But this arrest becomes a new beginning.He met with the residents simple Radiator Springs and become their friend.He subsequently participated in many competitions and won many times.But do not forget about their real friends.He has to take part in international races around the world.His life was threatened, but he still wins.And his new friends in the active help.All these characters are not left solely to the cartoons.They can be seen in computer games.Moreover, various.If you ever want to play games wheelbarrows makvin is not the only character for which to play.In many games, you can choose any you liked the cartoon character.Game dedicated to this cartoon can be found at many online gaming portals.Compared with the movie car, makvin game has changed.This is the driver who is involved in a number of championships, but do not forget to hold the race in Radiator Springs.For beginners to play games cars makvin very good choice as the main character.But then the player may like another character and for which he can play.Like all cars, makvin game machine which is capable of upgrading and development.With the right game you can get a lot of bonuses and significantly increase driving performance.How many players and enjoy.In addition to racing games, there are many other genres associated with wheelbarrows.On gaming sites can be found with wheelbarrows puzzles, puzzles with wheelbarrows.There is also a simple arcade.This is a game for everyone.For all ages, from small children to odinnadtsatiklasnikov and even growns.In many of these games can be played online.Completely free of charge.Many sites allow the game without registration.Just go to a good game site and you can start playing your favorite game.And the selection is usually quite large.Everyone will find what they need.