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Transformers - religious characters of modern entertainment.This intelligent machines are transformed into technology, people, cars, animals and other objects.At first they were only a series of toys.Subsequently, there were animated TV series and comic books.Were made into films devoted to these heroes.Naturally there were also computer games.Toys were first introduced in the early eighties of the twentieth century and for its history of more than twenty-eight have come a long way.If you believe the TV series, games, comics and books transformers can live for millions of years.They are immortal and do not die a natural death.But they can be injured or killed.Their home planet - Kiberton.It is located in the Alpha Centauri star system.And the size is much smaller than Earth.But some of them relocated to our planet.The action takes place on other celestial bodies.On the moon, Titan, on the set of fictional planets.And in other star systems.Quite naturally, the computer world has not remained aloof from such popular characters.There was a very large number of games on Transformer.There are different game called Transformers.Then Transformers 2 games in the series were no less interesting than the original.Accordingly, on the wave of success came the game and Transformers 3.Although it is believed that as the online game Transformers 2 most interesting.Part of the game is a arcade.Often you can choose whom to play.For the Autobots, Decepticons or someone.The plot and setting for this vary greatly.Each transformer their own unique abilities and characteristics.Some games are very little to do with the original animated series.In fact, they only use all the familiar names and names.But these games are notable success.Thus, you can play the transformers in entirely different ways.In different types of games.For fans of online games transformers is also quite accessible.They are on most popular gaming.They can be in Transformers and Transformers 3 and Trasnformery 2 online play.For those who want to play the Transformers online game for free and without registration are readily available.During the game Transformers robots to obey the man and can act as the player even contrary to the cartoon story.Transformers the first computer games came out a while ago.A Transformers game 2 or 3 came much later.But all of them are very popular and have their fans.New episodes are released regularly.It is only necessary to follow the updates on their websites.