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Three in a row, or as it is sometimes called, pick three, a genre of puzzles.Similar games have been known since the Roman Empire.Accordingly, they are not the only accessory of our time, and have more than two thousand years.This game looked Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz.They are popular in modern times.The first electronic version of the game appeared in 1974 and took place on a square field divided into eighty-one cell.Then it began to produce other computer manufacturers.During his more than thirty-eight-year history of the computer game has got many new supporters.These games need to move the pieces on the playing field so as to obtain a chain of at least three elements.There are many variations of this game.In the computer world popular game Treasures of Montezuma.In it the player must solve similar computer problems to get to the treasure.In this case, while solving puzzles to collect crystals and treasures that will help in the future.The game is very popular in the gaming websites.Luxor - another well-known and popular computer version of this kind of games.In it the player is not just going chain, but also gaining bonuses, for which he will be available for an upgrade.Its popularity is also quite high.For online play three in a row fits perfectly.Because it refers to a type of so-called casual games.So call the game intended for a wide audience.This is a game that can be played on a case by case basis.For the game they do not need any special training or skill.Understand the rules can be a few minutes.The main reception is clear, too, relatively quickly.Therefore three games in a row online so popular.Even players who have never played in them by going to the game site, quickly understand the essence of the game and can start playing immediately.If he is tired of playing games online three in a row will be abandoned, and a couple of years, you can go back to the game portal and play again.Rules and methods to recollect immediately.These games are a great way to spend time.Three games in a row online, you can start on your home computer or mobile phone.They are very simple to implement and are available for most operating systems.It is unlikely that this game ever lose their popularity.He did not lose it for his two thousand years.Only conquering new niches in the computer world.Regularly published new computer version, this ancient game.They are in constant success in the gaming portals.And happy to be downloaded to personal computers