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Among the many modern computer games occupy a special place simulators normal everyday human activity.A lot of these games is devoted to cooking.There are games in which the main task of cleaning the house.A considerable number of games devoted care.The sheer number.Despite the fact that everything happens only in the game care for babies can be quite complex.Although, of course, it all depends on the genre.In some games, you need to work in a nursery nurse or nursery schools.In other games, the events take place at home.This may be one child.But they can be twins or twins.In other games kids can be even greater.Computer games can be dedicated to the entire process of care, and may focus on any one episode.For example, bathing a child, or getting dressed.There may be other options.As already mentioned, during the game child care can be quite complex.Some of them are undisciplined, and act solely as themselves see fit.Accordingly, the work of nurses may be very severe.Often, you need to pretty much concentrate on the game in order to succeed and pass it through.These games are often made on Adobe Flash technology.This enables you to run on any computer which has access to the Internet.They work directly in the browser, do not require installation on the system.Relatively short game, most of them can pass quickly.But this is offset by a large number of similar games.After you have completely passed one of them, you can at the same site to start playing another similar game.Most of the popular online gaming sites do not require payment for use and available to play for free.Register, in most cases, are not necessary.Of wanting to play only the minimum required action before the game.We need to find a site with the right games.Choose among them the one you like.Then you can open the page with the game, wait for it to fail to start, and start playing.With today's broadband Internet download games very quickly.As the heroes of this game for girls toddlers and older children usually are drawn taking into account features of child psychology.Many of the games are very colorful.They love the children.Gaming services can already offer a very large selection of players of such games.But the game industry is not standing still.The range of games is regularly updated.More and more of them, which greatly increases the range.