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Winx Fairies characters famous cartoon series.This series is popular all over the world.Shortly after its release appeared and computer games related to the Winx fairies.The plot of the show is simple.Sixteen year old girl Bloom lives in Gardenia.Quite unexpectedly, she learns that a fairy.It falls into a magical world of Magix, where he began to study at the School of fairies Alfea.There she creates Winx Club.Which includes several fairies: Bloom, Stella, Tecna, Musa and Flora.They fight against the witches of Cloud Tower.Those who want to get by the Fire Dragon.After heavy fighting Winx fairies come out winners.Naturally, the computer world has not passed such a popular series, and there were numerous games Winx fairies.It can be linked directly with all the heroes or cartoon series to be devoted to only one of them.During the game a little fairy must overcome all difficulties and to come to the victory.As games for girls sorceress from the Winx Club are very popular.They can be found on the set of the most popular online gaming portals.In sections where there are games for girls Winx fairies exist necessarily.These games can belong to completely different genres.They can follow the plot animated series, and may be completely unrelated to it.There is a relatively complex toys with lots of levels and locations of episodes, and there are very small, made in Flash.It can be a game-dress dedicated Winx fairies.Games, puzzles, games, coloring books, puzzles.There are games related to animal care and many others.More complex games more often follow the story animated series.And it is not easy.After the first season came out a few more.In the subsequent series Winx fairies fought against Lord of Dakar, who was trying to steal a magical book from school witches.After defeating him, they come to grips with a new enemy - Valtorom.It is an ancient wizard created by ancient witches.Further adventures of young wizards lead the planet Domino.They save the planet from disaster.It turns out that it is on this planet was born Bloom.And it came to Earth later already.But it turns out that Bloom is not the last fairy on Earth.Girlfriend comes back to Earth to find the last fairy and earth to save her from a terrible danger.During these adventures Winx fairies master the highest form of magic.With this magic to them and manages to defeat dangerous enemies, and save the last fairy of Earth.After that, a friend returned to the magical world.On this adventure Little fairy did not end