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Fishdom - a popular computer game.It refers to a casual game.These games, which are designed for a wide audience.They usually play on occasion.They are very easy to learn the rules and these games can be very fast.Respectively, and play Fishdom can begin almost immediately.Playing techniques being developed almost instantly.Education is not necessary.Fishdom is a variation of three games in a row, have been known since ancient Rome.Three in a row has been more than twenty centuries of history, but in spite of that there are new versions of the game.The first electronic version appeared in the early seventies of the last of the twentieth century.But after over-old history of the creation of new popular computer game based on an old idea.Among them are such well-known as Treasures of Montezuma and Luxor.In Governor of Poker action revolves around the students, working in the archaeological museum.Solving puzzles is a step by step closer to the ultimate goal of its complex and fascinating investigation.Fishdom among these games based on game three in a row.The game runs on the field of complex shape.In the cells of this field are the chips.A player may change places two adjacent chips.If there is a chain of three or more identical pieces horizontally or vertically, these chips explode and disappear.The game Fishdom field is located in the tank.Accordingly, in the Fishdom has to play in order to improve your aquarium.After each winning player receives a bonus.To them it can improve your aquarium.He can buy the fish, algae can buy.In addition, he can buy the equipment for the aquarium.There are other improvements.In the final, a player can create a special screen saver and set him on his personal computer.View screensaver will depend on the outcome of the passing game.Fishdom game has received numerous awards in recent years.Naturally, a host of imitators and followers.Players past has always ready Fishdom Fishdom 2 and play online.But they can download to their own home computer.If there is such a desire.The choice of the player.However, in this game easy to play online.It is present on many game sites and portals.To play the game do not register and do not have to pay.It is available to all.Therefore, most likely, will be much more willing to Fishdom 2 game online, than to have it on my home computer.In this case, there is no need to install anything or upload.The game is a web browser.No matter your computer system and type of operating system