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Hulk - green superhero comic book series character of Marvel Comics.Initially, it was simple physics.His name was Dr. Robert Bruce Banner.But the explosion of gamma-Boma, he came under irradiation and turned into a violent monster.The first series of his adventures out in the early sixties of the last of the twentieth century.Thus, this character has more than fifty-year history.When first published by printing an image of marriage Hulk turned green.As a result, green color of this popular hero has become a tradition.During this time, a lot of comics came out on Hulk.He interacted with almost all modern superhero and comic book supervillains.It is natural that such a popular character was not only the world of comics affiliation.He has appeared in books, on movie screens, and then in the computer games.One of his first appearance outside the comic cartoon series was published over forty-five years ago.Even in the twenty-first century have been removed most popular films with the Hulk.In the story of one of them, a scientist David Banner is trying to create a universal soldier.For this, he experimented on himself.Soon he had a son.As it turned out later, the son got superpowers.After exposure to gamma-rays, he was able to outbreaks of anger to turn into the Hulk.Giant with tremendous force.It is trying to destroy it, but he escapes.Subsequently, the film "The elusive Hulk," which tells a different story this character.And this is not the only film about the hero.All films were very popular.And contributed to the success of computer games on the Hulk.However, the first Hulk game appeared in the eighties.But the real heyday came in their recent past.Games are completely different and are very different in genre and gameplay.The games completely followed the story line of comic books.During the game, the Hulk fought supervillains.He participated in the battles and escaped from the police, which is not always he was glad.Some games were other characters from the famous comic strip.Depending on the circumstances, the main character struggled with them, or, on the contrary, he did.This choice is often depended on the players.But in the amateur game to play Hulk appreciated and other relatively simple toys.They are based on flash and are mostly found on popular sites.Among them you can find puzzles, dedicated Hulk, and puzzles, and just play with fights.Besides them, there are race, coloring pages, and other arcade games Hulk.