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Hannah Montana - TV series about the life of teenagers.Over the past few years, he got a very great fame.For explanation of the TV series were created and computer games.The main character named Miley Stewart.She has a double life.At school, it is taken as a normal girl.In the evenings it becomes a famous singer Hannah Montana.Only a few people know the secret.In addition to her acting in the movie and the other characters.Among them, the producer of the protagonist, whose name is Robby Ray Stewart.Brother of Miley Stewart - Jon Stewart, who dreams of his own career rock singer.Her best friend Lilly Truscott main character also knows about her secret and helps her in every way.A best friend of Miley Stewart - Oliver Ouken know about it much later, and also keeps a secret.There are many other action heroes in the film.After the success of the TV series were filmed feature films enjoyed great success.As they develop a story connected with the life of the protagonist.In addition, the left and computer games.As the most popular television series was famous among girls and girls, and computer scientists are guided by the fact that Hannah Montana games for girls.Accordingly, the genres of games have matched exactly those that usually like girls.On popular gaming sites, where you can find online games Hannah Montana has many odevalok this heroine.There is a relatively simple game-dress.There are also more complicated.Hannah Montana has to dress in a completely different outfits for completely different episodes of life.This may be a graduation party, and a concert.Or maybe just trips out or picnic.In some cases, the main character must be worn to school or on a date.In addition to simple odevalok, there are games in which you need to pick-up and hairstyle for the heroine.And in some games is a fashion competition.Which of the stars will be better dressed.There are also puzzles and puzzles related to the popular heroine.At sites where the games for girls Hannah Montana is very popular.Games out there available for free.In most cases, it is a relatively simple flash toys, which can be played directly online.No need to download any files to their own computer.There is no need to customize the system and install new software.However, there are other games with Hannah Montana.They are more complex and may have several different levels, episodes, and locations.As a rule, the action in them is developing in line with the story of popular film.They are also represented on the Internet.But they usually have to be installed on your computer.