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Spider-Man - one of the most famous superheroes.He first appeared in the pages of comic books in the early sixties ready.Despite its history of more than tridtsatidevyatiletnyuyu is popular nowadays.This gifted teenage orphan who lives with his uncle and aunt.He is an A and subjected to ridicule their peers.Once he was bitten by a radioactive spider and he gets hit.He gets more power, incredible leaping ability and the ability to move around on the walls.He created a device that enables to shoot web.He calls himself a man of the spider and starts to fight crime.In real life he leads the life of a photo.It is opposed by many enemies.The very first was the Chameleon, replicating the human form.The next Vulture, a scientist who has special wings and claws.Subsequently, there were many other enemies.Doctor Octopus has four metal tentacles.Sandman, who can turn his body into sand.Yelp, attacking people screaming.Mirage, creating illusions.All of them are simply impossible to enumerate.Among them were insane hunter, the devil from hell, energy vampire, mutated iguana.Besides them he opposes high amount of criminals in any way trying to take over the world.Spiderman was not belonging exclusively comics.There is a theme park dedicated to man spider.It was filmed several animated TV series with Spider-Man as the main character.Was filmed a series of films on Spiderman.There was a large number of computer games.The first came in the late seventies.By the notion of Spiderman games are very diverse.But it is very popular among the players.After playing in the first game, they switched to its continuation.Then became fans of the game spiderman 3, and then fans of the game spiderman 4.The first games were popular in the gaming arcade.Subsequently, they began to leave for personal computers.Later, when he became more widely available broadband Internet became popular associated with the hero spiderman online games.To play free online spiderman well suited.This is a very famous character.He does not need anyone to represent.Play online Spiderman everyone can.Accordingly, there is always interested in the game spider man play online.There are different versions of online games Spiderman.You can, for example, in Spiderman 4 play.And it is possible in other versions of computer games related to this popular hero.