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Chip and Dale - the characters of many animated films "Disney".They first appeared in a cartoon for 43 years.And subsequently, became hero of the popular cartoon series.Later, it was created a lot of computer games on these heroes.Chip and Dale - chipmunks.In addition to them on the show "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" are other characters: rat Roquefort, Zipper fly, mouse nut.They all act as a team and actively oppose evil.There were filmed several dozen series.Chip is the leader of the team.He reads the detectives and emulates heroes.Dale less disciplined, more frivolous and irresponsible.Reading a comic book and watching horror movies.Roquefort, he claims, is a graduate of the kangaroo.He joins the team in their first practice.Nut - mouse mechanic.She was always engaged in equipment and machinery.The main villain, as always, trying to capture or destroy the world.Rescuers have them regularly confront.The enemies were defeated many times, but have not left their murderous plans.Later came many computer games on these heroes.In the first, players had to run around town, pick up arms and fight the enemies.Continuing could already play for two players.Later came other games, many of which have gained in popularity.Produced and comics devoted to these heroes.There were toys made based on the animated series.After widespread Internet appeared online games Chip and Dale.These games are quite popular.However, and the old versions of these games are not forgotten.Goal of the game is usually worthy of true rescuers.For example, to find a lost kitten.During the search characters have to once again save the world from the grip of his supervillain.In sites where the online game Chip and Dale, you can find a lot of games associated with these characters.Very often, it is quite a simple game based on flash technology.Their peculiarity is that these games do not have to download and install on your own computer.They can be played directly on the website.Just open the page with the right game, wait until it is loaded, and you can play.Typically, gaming sites do not require payment and registration.But, if desired, and download the game to him.Then it will be possible to play even there will be no access to the Internet.Similar toys in the network can be found in large numbers.New versions appear regularly.Manufacturer of computer games do not forget the popular heroes.