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There are lots of completely different computer games.These games vary in genre, the main characters, the audience, which are calculated.Many games require extensive and ongoing game.The user must learn long management.Then study the tactics of the game.Various nuances and methods of transmission.Game have to devote a lot of time.And the play often without much interruption, not to lose skill.These games very much.But there are other types of computer games.They are called casual games.The name comes from the Latin word that means "random."These games are very important features that separate them from other computer games.These games do not need a long time to learn to play.Rules for their simple and intuitive from the start.A player who wants to spend time with interest, can figure out the rules for a few minutes and start playing immediately.There is no need any serious skills.Such games are a huge number.Important among these are the kinds of puzzles.One of the most famous is the game "Three in a row."During the game you need to move the chips or balls on the playing field and make a chain of three or more elements.The game had already existed in ancient Rome, and in our time created its computer options.And a lot of those options.In fact, the well-known game balls and Lines are its options.Balls can be called quite different games.In games Lines, often called balls, golf balls and desolate fall gradually.In just the same field at once filled with balls and need to swap adjacent balls, so as to receive the same chain.But the difference is not critical, the game is very similar.In ordinary conversations they barely differ.On Web sites, there are all the versions of these games.Play ball on the set of possible online gaming sites.In the balls to play online has become popular due to the spread of the Internet.Balls games can be a different color.Sites that have online play balls, usually provide the opportunity to play ball free.Their distribution is such that it is easy to find the games for free and play ball now, or when some free time.As already mentioned, you can always play for free in the balls, and where there is a game online, the balls are always present.For fans of online play, the balls fit the fact that these games do not require a wide channel on the Internet.And with a poor connection can play ball games.As a result, fans of online games, free to play ball like, and never forget the sites that provide the ability to play online free balls.