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Chess - the most popular of all board games.It is only natural that there are options and computer chess.They have a very long history First chess program appeared when computers were large.In the fifties of the twentieth century, held its first chess games with computers.But then they played very poorly.For the first time the computer was playing on master level in 1983.For almost thirty years chess programs have developed extraordinarily.In 1996, the chess computer Deep Blue won the first match of the world champion in tournament conditions.And in the 1997 World Champion Garry Kasparov lost the first game of chess computers.Soon there were other matches.Chess players became increasingly difficult to beat the chess program.Currently, there are a huge number of chess programs.Many of them are playing at grandmaster, and thus available to all.These programs are located in special gaming sites, but they can also be installed on a home computer.Many programs do not have a GUI.They exist until just a game module.Game to be visible on the screen, it is used in a set with an additional application.A person wishing to play chess with the computer can select any of the myriad of currently existing chess programs.Chess game lovers can choose the strength of computer games to the level.As the rules of such a possibility exists in all programs.You can play chess with a computer with a different time controls.And you can disable the control and think they want.If desired, the game can be postponed, and then start with the pending move.And if you want, and then we can play chess online.Play Chess Online registration is on a set of specialized chess sites.However, registration is usually an opportunity.Chess is not only on specialized chess sites.Because players of chess games, online other types also love.In general, you want to note that for those who like to play chess online without registering an excellent choice.This game is played by millions.You can always find a site where it is possible to play chess online.And you can always find a suitable partner.You can select any time control.Very often you can start playing with the preset position.In addition to actually playing chess programs, there are many chess puzzles, tasks and other programs.There are also variations of the classic game of chess, in which also can be played on gaming websites.