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Checkers - one of the most popular board games.Rules is much easier than chess, but in spite of this game is no less complex.It has a huge number of fans who are always ready to play with each other and with the computer.The game pieces there are many varieties.Game play checkers refer to games like checkers, which include such well-known games like the first, backgammon, Renju and many others.Unlike chess in the games all the figures are equal.But they themselves are playing drafts completely different types.In Russia, many Russian checkers, where the game is played on a board of 64 squares and each side has 12 chips in the starting position.In Europe, more popular international checkers, where the game is going on 100 cell board.At the beginning of the game, each player has 20 pieces.Most of the rules are similar to the Russian checkers.In Canadian checkers game is a 144 cell board.Each player has 24 checkers on.There are Brazilian, Armenian, Altai, English, Italian, Spanish, Turkish checkers.They differ from each other by the size of the board and the rules of moves.In Russia, known giveaway and pole-pieces.Regularly there are new versions of this ancient game.There were also computer checkers.Computer programs is quite a lot of drafts.Many of them can play different types of pieces.But some sharpened only on one type of game.Checkers and chess are well represented on the Internet.On many popular sites to play checkers online.However, it is not necessary.You can install the software to your computer and play checkers with the computer.In that case, you can install a completely different game settings.You can choose a different time control.You can choose different levels of skill for the computer player.You can start the game with a preset position.These programs usually allow a completely different versions of the game to play checkers.You can select Russian drafts, international or any other.It all depends on the willingness of the player.In the Internet game of checkers are popular not only at specialized sites drafts, but on the simple game.Where there are games of different types.Usually you can play checkers free.In the case of registration of the player opens up a lot of additional features, but can be played without registration.While playing online checkers move with the mouse.After the return stroke can make your own.It is possible to conduct a chat with the players.At sites where the online games checkers and chess are present in a large number of options.We can always choose the game to your liking.And on the level of the enemy.Many sites is ranking the top players.