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Shrek - the hero of a series of animated films, books and computer games.The first book about him was written over twenty years ago, the first cartoon for more than ten years ago.Despite this age of the hero has not lost its popularity.Green ogre Shrek lives alone in his home in the swamp.He lives quietly and usually no one touches it.From time to time on it trying to attack the local farmers, who consider it a man-eater.Shrek fight them off and continues to lead the living space.But fate is such that he has to go to the Lord Farkuadu.In doing so, it is beaten talking donkey.As a result, the chain of events Shrek has to go rescue the princess.Shrek saves the princess and marry her.But events associated does not end.They have to go through a lot more different adventures.Animated film was a huge success and won many awards.It has caused many sequels and imitations.He created a series of cartoons dedicated to Shrek.Naturally, such a character could not stay belonging exclusively the world of cinema.Soon there were computer games dedicated to Shrek.They have created a very large number.The first games were arcade game in which the player had to pass several levels to achieve their goal.He fought with the enemies, collect magic potions.Explored the world around him.You can play it, not only for Shrek, but for Puss in Boots, Donkey and other characters.There are other options for computer games related with Shrek.They were completely different.Some of them were quite complex games have numerous episodes, locations, levels.Another part consists of a relatively simple toys.Intended for it was possible to play online game Shrek.These games are presented on a set of online gaming sites and services.They allow you to play for free without registration.They can be played directly online.These programs do not need to be downloaded to your computer.Perhaps this is why, among the fans of the game Shrek online games are so popular.Players started playing games Shrek 1, continue to play them afterwards.Many of them are fans of the game Shrek Forever After.They continue to play the game Shrek 2, then 3, and go up to the game Shrek 4.In addition, since many already removed cartoons devoted not to the Shrek and the other characters of the cartoon, the computer game manufacturers began to produce the toys on these heroes.There are games in which the action of the movie ass, or Puss in Boots.There are other characters.