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Shooter Games - the most popular of all the games.The name comes from the English word "shooter" - arrows.And given it is not by accident.Will not shoot a lot, but a lot.Usually a player is in three dimensions.Each level of the game is a limited maze that must be traversed with exterminate all enemies.Himself out sometimes hard to find.The first such games appeared long ago.Became a cult game Wolfenstein 3D.Later there was the famed Doom.Another famous game was Quake.Then it was released sequel Quake 2.In 1998 he published the game Half-Life to offer a fantastic story.Since then, the game shooters developed rapidly.Came a great number of them.In the game Red Faction appeared truly destructible levels.The player could break through the wall and go around.Began to appear more and more realistic game of this genre.Developed greatly multiplayer games.Now it is possible to fight not with a computer opponent, but a man.Such a large number of games.Among the most popular first-out Quake III Arena.Then came the Counter-Strike.Great popularity was Unreal Tournament.Even the concept originated - eSports.Interestingly, despite the reality of the modern games, the very person they do not see.If you look at the bottom, instead of their feet will be visible to the floor.This is to conserve resources.Shooters have many subgenres.There are rail shooter in which the player can not move itself on the level.There are "bloody shooters."These games have to fight with a lot of enemies.They simply crowd.To destroy these enemies to a very large number of weapons.The simplest is issued at the beginning of the game.Later, you can pick and find more and more powerful and more reliable weapon.It can be a copy of a real weapon, and can be quite fantastic.In the event that a player he can be killed or wounded.In this case it is possible to heal by chests scattered throughout the level.But in some recent games kits not.Wound up to the end game level.In multipleyrnyh games there a similar approach.In some of them wounded may heal after injury and continue to play.In other injury is not cured until the end of the game.Killed players respawn in a special place - the spawn.From there, they can turn back to the game.The number of players in modern multiplayer games can be different.From two to several dozen.It all depends on the settings.