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Strategy - a genre of computer games in order to win need planning and strategic thinking.The player controls a resource, which must be strongly promoted.These games are divided into several sub-genres.There are step by step strategy.They make the players alternate turns.These games have a lot of variety.They are less dynamic than the real-time strategy.Instead, they players do not hurry, and he can spend more time planning.Among the first games of this genre were Warlords, King's Bounty, Civilization and others.Recently, the most popular are "Heroes of Might and Magic" and Civilization."Heroes of Might and Magic" are very strong except for strategic role component.In real-time strategy things happen at the same time, without division into courses.One of the first games of this trend was the Duna II.The main thing in these strategies - fighting.Economy they support.It is necessary in order to recruit more troops and direct them against the enemy.Victory comes to fighting.Among the most famous games of this brand Warcraft, Cossacks, American Conquest, and many others.This genre is constantly evolving.Get out all the new games.There are other options for a strategy game - the economic strategy.In these games, there is no war at all.If they are present, and rivals, the struggle is happening to them by economic means.The only task of the player to develop the economy.And to make it much more difficult than in other types of strategy games.Games usually develop slowly.The player has a lot of time for planning.A planning in such games is important.After all, there are very different economic strategy game.And from them the correct choice depends on victory or defeat.From the foregoing it can be seen that the economic strategy of the game unique.They are a special area of ​​urban simulation.In these games, the player controls the city, which has strongly promoted.All economic strategies to create a strong economy.Only after this is the way to victory.Wars generally do not.Although in some versions of the game strategy of economic and military are so intertwined that it is impossible to separate one from the other.In recent years more and more popular online multiplayer strategy received.Many of them are very popular in social networks.To play in these games, you must have many allies who are ready to help in difficult situations.With the increasing spread of the Internet popularity of such games is growing.