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In recent years, a huge number of internet sites specializing in games for girls.And this is not surprising.Many of the games are designed for girls differ from the games designed for boys.This separation occurred in the past.For a long time began circulating lists of games for boys and a separate collection of games for girls.But due to the spread of broadband access to the Internet, have become much more popular is specialized sites.However, this is easily explained.In our time, created a lot of relatively simple toys based on the technology of flash.These games can be run directly in the browser.They do not need to be downloaded to your computer.No need to change or adjust their operating system.They work independently of your software, drivers and settings.This is their most important advantage.Most of these games are pretty slim.You can go through them relatively quickly.But this is offset by the truly enormous quantity.Any gaming online portal can provide a wealth of computer games of different genres.It is for the user to not get lost in the mass of their computer games and became divided into genres and subgenres.Each located in their respective page.Just go to it and select the game you like.Games for girls on these sites are divided into several sub-genres.Each has a variety of options of games designed for all ages and skill of computer skills.A lot of them devoted to the kitchen and cooking.It is necessary to prepare the necessary dishes and serve it on the table.A lot of games dedicated cleaning and remodeling apartments.Devoted a lot of games dress.They may be dedicated to Barbie dolls, Winx, Bratz.Other popular characters.It could be just a girl, representatives of contemporary subcultures.Representatives of subcultures prevalent in these games extensively.Quite often heroes in the game for girls emo, goth and other characters.Choice is great.In the games for girls emo usually need to dress in accordance with the rules of its subculture.You can not make mistakes.For it may be charged a penalty score.In all of these games can be free to play at game sites.This can be done without any registration and payment.Nothing has to be reconfigured on the computer, do not need to download.Despite the large number of games developers regularly release new versions.All of them are popular.